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From 22 Décember To 19 January

The native of Capricorn is a hardworking, determined, patient and thoughtful person. This Earth native knows what he wants and is rigorous in achieving his goals. Capricorn is loyal, calm and sincere, it prefers to flee conflicts. She is an organized person who appreciates order both in professional and personal life. Of a very reserved nature, she counts her friends on the fingers of the hand. She is not social, however, she likes the little pleasures of life and good jokes. On the heart side, Capricorn is a bit lonely in nature. To seduce him, it is better to be simple, he would be afraid with demonstrations that are too suggestive. When they materialize, Capricorn love stories are very solid and last a lifetime. They know how to show a lot of personality to strengthen their relationship

Natural stones benefit Capricorn:

Sodalite will help him to let go when faced with this need for permanent control of his emotions. It will act on self-acceptance and self-confidence to express their buried feelings. It will remove the dark side that lies dormant in them to allow them to accept these thoughts without being in judgment.

Obsidian will stimulate their sense of authority while softening their will. This will allow him to approach life situations with more flexibili-ty, to be a little more open to negotiation. It will relieve the anxiety that can weigh on the shoulders of these ambitious personalities

Capricorns need gentle protection to accompany them on their hectic jour-ney. We will find these specific needs in the Iron Eye which will act as a shield against discouraging emotions or Tourmaline which will soothe sleep to replenish energy.

Onyx will remove stress ai will help find solutions with confidence in times of crisis.

The Aquamarine would cultivate creativity; bring joy and gaiety to the wea-rer.

The Rose Quartz is nicknamed the stone of creativity and the stone of uni-versal love. It symbolizes calm and comfort and would help gain self-confidence.

The Amethyst elevates spirituality; it would dispel anxiety and soothe an-ger.

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