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From January 20 to February 18

The natives of the sign of Aquarius are thinkers, recognized for their intelligence and their fine and brilliant spirit which is often illustrated by their ideas of genius. He likes to surround himself with others. A sign associated with the elements of Air, it sometimes reveals a distant and cold appearance. Aquarius would still have enormous inner sensitivity. These are people who value independence and freedom. He is very generous but still needs recognition. It is nervous, capricious and sometimes even eccentric.

Aquarians love to fight for a cause and to listen to others. He is able to observe situations without prejudice which allows them to easily solve a problem. On the love side, he has an attraction for free and harmonious unions ra-ther than engaging in marriage. Only the arrival of a child could make him change his mind. He is often not very communicative and his partner (or his companion) will therefore have to be patient with him.

Natural stones benefit for AQUARIUS:

The Amethyst will help Aquarius to work on their intuition, to focus on it and to ignore all that surrounds them.

Rose Quartz will promote self-expression, help them feel comfortable in their environment. It will help him work on the reliability of their com-mitment by providing them with confidence, sensitivity, gentleness and so-lar energy.

The Lapis Lazuli will allow you to focus on yourself and make the most of the moment without being disturbed by negative thoughts. Is it ideal for stimulating finesse and creativity

Turquoise would have the power to develop the faculties of communication to convey

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